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The Importance vs. Performance view shows all decision criteria across your interview, how important each criterion was to your buyers overall and how you performed in each criterion. You can access detailed pages about your performance and importance. These pages include:

  • Trigger questions (probing questions) about each criterion
  • A dynamic grid of each criterion, your score, competitors' scores, etc

In This Article:

 Location and navigation

  1. On the Dashboard, view the Your Performance vs. Importance tile, select Go to details.


Click to enlarge.

Below outlines what is available on the child view;

  • Driver selector drop down: Click this drop down to select a different decision driver.
  • Number of interviews: This will show you the total number and date of interviews that you are looking at.

Your Performance vs Importance tile: Displays all criteria for the selected driver and how you perform in them in a scatter graph.  This includes:

  • Criteria dots: This displays all criteria for the selected driver and how you perform in them.  By hovering over a dot, you are able to see the details, and by clicking on a dot, it will display the buyer comments for that criterion in the right hand Recent Buyer Comments tile.
  • Competitor Performance Legend: Click any of the below to filter the chart
    • Competitive Advantage
    • Similar Performance
    • Competitive disadvantage
  • Drill down arrow: This allows you to drill down to the grandchild view to see your raw performance data (scores).
  • Menu: This function will allow you to export this information as an image, or drill down to the grandchild view.

Recent Buyer Comments tile:  Once you have selected a dot from the scatter graph, the responses to the trigger questions for the selected criterion will display here.

Important Criteria by Outcome tile:  Shows the most important criterion by the number of wins and losses.

  • Helper function: A pop up will display showing information for this tile.


    2.  Click the arrow to view the performance data.


Click to enlarge.

    3.  Click the arrow to take you to the grid view. KPI criteria and pricing criteria are shown in the grid. While these criteria do not appear on the scatter graphs, they are included in the grid view.


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