Your Performance in Important Areas Tile Overview

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On the Dashboard the Your Performance in Important Areas tile shows you what the top three most important criteria are to your customers and how you are performing in them. The color of the bubble is determined by how much you perform, on average, in that criterion. Green indicates that performance is strong on average, yellow indicates that performance is moderate on average, and red indicates that performance is weak on average.

The information on this tile comes from the performance and importance ratings provided by your customers.
The Y Axis in the chart below is the criteria performance score. The X Axis is the criteria importance percentile.

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What is the Percentile Importance?

The percentile importance shows the criterion’s importance relative to other criteria. The percentile importance score runs from 0 - 100%. A criterion ranked in the 100th percentile of importance is considered the most important decision criterion to your customers.


How to find Your Performance in Important Areas tile.

  1. Select Dashboard.

  1. Ensure the appropriate program is selected.

Note: The Your Performance in Important Areas tile is only available for Customer Experience programs.

  1. Locate Your Performance in Important Areas tile.


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