How is the percentile importance calculated?

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In the Your Importance vs. Performance chart for Win Loss programs, and the Your Performance in Important Areas chart for Customer Experience programs, attributes are plotted along the x axis by their percentile importance. Percentile importance is determined by looking at the importance scores across all attributes and normalizing those scores from 0-100% so that the most important criterion always has a percentile importance of 100%.

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How is the Importance Score assigned?

The importance score is calculated based on how many times a criterion was ranked as most important by respondents, weighted for rank. For example, something ranked as 1st most important will have more points than something ranked 3rd most important.

The Importance Score is calculated by assigning the highest (best) ranking option the greatest number of points, which is the total number of ranking options available, and each of the other answer options a smaller number of points in descending order, e.g., if there are 5 answer options available (1st, 2nd, 3rd, 4th, 5th), then the points assigned will be 5, 4, 3, 2, 1, respectively.
The number of points assigned to each criterion for each interview is added up to determine the overall importance score for that criterion. For example, if there are 5 answer options available and a criterion was ranked first (1st) two times and third (3rd) one time, the importance score for the criterion would be 13 (5 + 5 + 3). If a criterion was never ranked, the score is represented as an em dash.


How is the Importance Score converted to Percentile Importance?

The percentile importance score is calculated by looking at all importance scores across all criteria for the program. The highest score and lowest scores are identified. The percentile importance for Criterion A is calculated as ((Criterion A Importance score) - (Lowest importance score)) / ((Highest importance score) - (Lowest importance score)).

Highest importance score:  370
Lowest importance score:  6
Importance score for criterion, “Capabilities”:  227

(227 - 6)/(370 - 6)
= 0.607
= 61%

How do I find the raw data?

  1. Select Dashboard.


  1. On the Your Performance vs. Importance tile, for Win Loss Dashboards, or Your Performance in Important Areas tile, for Customer Experience Dashboards, select Go to details.


  1. Select Go to details from the chart on the Importance vs. Performance page. This will take you to the Scores view.


  1. The Percentile Importance column can be found in the data-set.


  1. To calculate the Percentile Importance, first locate the Importance Score column.


  1. Locate the highest and lowest Importance Scores in the data-set.
    • In the example below the highest is 370 and the lowest is 6.
  2. Next find the criterion’s importance score relative to the highest and lowest importance scores.
    • In the below example we’re going to determine the percentile importance score for “Capabilities”, which has an importance score of 227.
  3. Find the criterion's importance scores position relative to that of the criteria with the highest and lowest importance scores.



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