Your Performance vs. Importance Tile Overview

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On the Dashboard, the Your Performance vs. Importance tile shows you the three most important criteria to your buyers and how you are performing in them. 

Each point on this tile represents an important criterion from any of your program's drivers, such sales, solution, company and any custom drivers. (While pricing criteria are considered when calculating the importance percentile score, they are not plotted on the scatter graph as they do not have performance scores available. Pricing criteria and their percentile importance scores are available in the details view for this tile.)

The information on this tile comes from the performance and importance ratings provided by your buyers. Each criterion is plotted according to its performance score (along the y-axis) and its importance percentile score (along the x-axis). 

Each point is colored based on your performance compared to the competition on average:

  • Green indicates your score is higher than competitors on average. A green dot indicates you have a +1.0 or greater gap compared to competitors in this criterion.
  • Yellow indicates you perform similarly compared to competitors. A yellow dot indicates you have a gap between -1.0 and +1.0.
  • Red indicates your score is lower than competitors’ scores on average. A red dot indicates you have an average gap of -1.0 or lower.

The percentile importance shows the criterion’s importance relative to other criteria. The percentile importance score runs from 0 - 100%. A criterion ranked in the 100th percentile of importance is considered the most important decision criterion to your buyers.

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