What is the Outcome Strength?

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The Outcome Strength is an indicator added on to the outcome (win, loss) to signify how closely the client performed vs. the competition. It is based on the responses to interview questions.

Applying a strength level to the outcome allows you to better understand your competitive positioning in the deal. It also allows differentiation among wins and losses so you can identify, for example, which losses are ideal candidates to pursue as win-back opportunities. You can use outcome strength to examine narrow wins for potential weaknesses that may compromise the business relationship in the future.


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Possible Outcome Strengths

  • Win

    • Strong Win: A secure win where the buyer is satisfied and saw strong differentiation between you and the strongest competitor.
    • Moderate Win: A win where the buyer is satisfied with the decision, and you have a fair advantage over the competition.
    • Weak Win: A narrow win where the buyer perceived little competition advantage in your offering over the competitions’ or current actions are causing the buyer to be less satisfied with the decision.
  • No Decision

    • No Decision: No outcome strength is applied to “No Decision” outcomes.
  • Loss

    • Weak Loss: A narrow loss where there is a promising chance of winning back your opportunity. Although you lost, the buyer perceived your solution, sales process, or company structure to be very close to the winning vendor’s. 
    • Moderate Loss: A loss where there is some chance for recovery in future deals. The buyer found enough advantage in the winning vendor’s solution, sales process, or company structure to make the decision, but may still look favorably on your offering.
    • Strong Loss: A loss with little chance to win back the business or gain a recommendation from the decision maker or other buyers. The buyer identified large differences between your solution and the winning solution. In future deals with this buyer, the competitor will likely maintain a strong advantage over you.


Determining the Outcome Strength

Outcome Strength is formulated from questions answered by the buyer.

Did you know?

  • The strength is automatically determined by a proprietary formula.
  • No Decision deals are not assigned an outcome strength.


Outcome Strength Calculation

The Outcome Strength Score is determined based on a score calculated by weighting customer responses in the following four areas:

  • Select Again Response
  • Future Business Rating
  • Decision Satisfaction Rating
  • Overall Competitive Advantage Score

Please note: Because this is a proprietary calculation, the precise formula is not available for distribution.


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