Competitive Position: How are the Strengths and Weaknesses determined?

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The Strengths & Weaknesses tile in the Competitive Positioning page tells you what your competitor's strengths and weaknesses are and what your strengths and weaknesses are when that competitor is shortlisted.

  • The first row in the tile will show you the selected competitor's biggest strength and their biggest weakness, determined by insights about that vendor.
  • The second row in the tile will show you what your biggest strength and weakness are when you are in a deal where that competitor is shortlisted, determined by insights about you in those deals.

Note: Each attribute is counted once per opportunity, so if an opportunity has multiple interviews with overlapping insights the duplicate insights will count once.


How to find the Strengths & Weaknesses tile.

  1. Select Dashboard.

  1. Select Go to details from the Competitive Position tile.

  1. On the Competitive Position chart select the dot of the competitor you want to see Strengths & Weaknesses for.

  1. Locate the Strengths & Weaknesses tile.


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