What is the Competitive Advantage Score?

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The Competitive Advantage Score is a quick summary of your relative advantage or disadvantage compared to competitors in a particular deal. This score looks at your performance data within a single interview. That is, your buyer tells us how you performed and how your competitors performed in a deal, and we use that information to summarize your advantage.

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How does the new Competitive Advantage Score work?

  1. We find your average performance gap in each driver, and we find your price position compared to the competition.

We look across all criteria within each driver (including custom drivers, if you have one), and we find your average gap compared to the competition. We also utilize price comparison information provided by your buyer to determine if you had a price advantage or disadvantage.

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Note: Price position is determined by responses to the interview question, “Overall price position”. If your interview does not include this question, or if there is no data for this question, then price position is not included in the Competitive Advantage Score.

  1. We average the gaps from each decision driver and price position. This gives us a baseline score.
  2. We compare your baseline score to our known distribution of gap scores, and we find the probability of your baseline occurring.
  3. We take into account both your baseline score and the probability of your baseline happening, and we convert it to a final score. This score runs on a -10 to +10 scale.

The final score explains how rare or common your performance differences are compared to competitors. It tells us what your competitive advantage was in a deal and how significant that advantage was compared to our repository of data.


How can I interpret my score?

From our performance data study (referenced above), we learned how often gaps tend to occur and what makes a gap significant. Here are the ranges we uncovered, and they will tell you to what extent you had an advantage or disadvantage in a deal:


Where can I find the Competitive Advantage Score?

The Competitive Advantage Score can be found in the Interviews view or on the Opportunity Overview page.

  1. Select Dashboard.

  1. On the Interviews tile, select Go to details.

  1. In the Interviews view, the Competitive Advantage Score is found on the individual interview tiles.
    • In the example below, we can see the score is -1.7 Disadvantage.


  1. To see the Competitive Advantage Score on the Opportunity Overview page, click on the tile options menu and select Go to overview.


  1. See the Competitive Advantage chart to see your score.

Note: If there are multiple interviews for the deal, then the Avg. Competitive Advantage score will be the average of scores for all the interviews for the opportunity.



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