Competitive Position: How do I compare to competitors?

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You can see how you compare to other short listed vendors in the Competitive Position tile on the Dashboard and its sub-page, the Competitive Positioning page.

The Competitive Position tile on the dashboard will show you all competitors that have ever been short listed in any of your deals. The size of the bubble indicates the frequency with which you compete against them. The competitor bubbles are plotted according to their average performance in Solution and Sales criteria.

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The Competitive Positioning view contains more information about how you compare to those competitors.

  • The Strengths & Weaknesses card shows your competitor's biggest strength and weakness and your biggest strength and weakness when going up against that competitor. See article here to learn more.
  • The Competitor’s Frequency gives you a breakdown of how many times the competitor was short-listed and how many times they won and lost. It also shows you how many times you won or lost when the competitor was short-listed.
    • In the example below, Andem was short-listed a total of 23 times, they won 9, lost 13, and in 1 of the deals someone other than you or Andem won.
    • In the example below, when Andem was short-listed you won 8 opportunities, lost 14, and in 1 of the deals someone other than you or Andem won.


How to find the Competitive Position tile and Competitive Positioning page.

  1. Select Dashboard.

  1. Ensure the appropriate program is selected.

Note: The Competitive Position tile is only available for Win Loss programs.

  1. Locate the Competitive Position tile.
  2. Select Go to details from the Competitive Position tile to go to the Competitive Positioning page.


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