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The Interviews view, access from the Interviews tile on the Dashboard, is where you can find the full collection of interviews published for your program.

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How to find the Interviews view

  1. Select Dashboard.

  1. Click Go to details from the Interviews tile.


Interviews View Overview

By default, your view is in “Tile View”, see the “How to change the view to List View” section of this article.

The Image below is for a Win Loss program. There are a few differences for Customer Experience and Market Research programs, all listed beneath the image.

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  • Customer Experience programs:

  • Market Research programs:


How to change the view to List View.

  1. Click on the view icon.

  1. Select List View.

  1. This is the List View. The major difference of this view are:
    • No decision date or next renewal date available.
    • No Competitive Advantage score, for Win Loss programs, available.
    • New to this page are the Sales rep and Custom ID columns, can be added by clicking on the column header options/columns list.

Note: The below image is for a Win Loss program. Content will vary by program type, as described earlier in this article.

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Group Interviews by Respondent or Opportunity

In the Interviews view you can group interviews by respondent or by opportunity.

Group by Respondent: When grouped by respondent, you will see a tile or row for each contact with a published interview.
Group by Opportunity: This will show each details aggregated by opportunity. If there are multiple interviews for a single opportunity they will be grouped together.

  1. Click on the options menu for the view and select Settings.

  1. Select which grouping you want to apply.

  1. Click Save.


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