Questions and Answers Tile: Where can I see an aggregate view of all interview questions and answers?

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To see the answers to qualitative survey questions aggregated across all interviews for your program, we have implemented a Questions and Answers tile. This tile is available for all program types and can be accessed directly from your program’s Dashboard, or from within an interview as you’re reading it.

The following steps will show you how to access the Questions and Answers feature from the dashboard. Click here to see how to access Questions and Answers from within an interview.


  1. Select Dashboard.


  1. Locate the Questions and Answers tile. This tile will tell you how many interviews are available.


  1. Select Go to details from the Questions and Answers tile.


  1. This will take you to the Questions and Answers page. Here you can select the quantitative survey question you want to see responses for, and see responses to that question across all of your interviews.

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Accessing Questions and Answers from within an Interview:

As you review a specific interview, you might find yourself curious to see how other respondents have answered a particular question. Fortunately, TruVoice makes it easy to navigate to the Questions and Answers pages without having to return to the Dashboard first. Simply follow these steps and you’ll be comparing responses in no time!


  1. While reading through an interview, if you see a question header with a dotted underline, that means it can be clicked.

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  1. Locate the question you wish to view in Questions and Answers and click it



  1. A new tab will open and populate the Questions and Answers page for the question you selected.

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From here, you can use the selector to view other questions, or you can close this tab and return to the interview you were viewing previously.



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