Research / Interview: Where can I see my scheduled interviews?

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In the Interviews module you will see the full list of scheduled interviews for programs where you are the contract consultant owner or where you are the assigned interviewer.

In Research/Interview, you can see all scheduled interviews for your programs.


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The Date column is the date the interview is scheduled for. Interviews scheduled for the current day will be highlighted in gray.

The Time column is the time of the scheduled interview. The time is always shown in your time zone.

The Event column is where you can see the opportunity details, the client and program, and you can see whether the respondent has completed the survey or not.

The Outcome is now shown underneath the contact name. If there is survey data available, the outcome shown is driven by the respondent’s answer to the online survey. If the survey has not yet been completed by the respondent, then the outcome shown is the outcome saved with the opportunity in Research | Sample

The Product and the Contact Notes are available by clicking the "?" icon beside the contact's name.

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