Customer Quadrant Tile Overview

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The Customer Quadrant tile is located on the Dashboard for Customer Experience programs. It plots a dot for each interview and that respondent's overall perception of your support and solution. The color of each dot shows the level of renewal risk for each respondent. Clicking on a dot brings you to that interview.

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Note: Interviews that do not have any solution or any support scores are excluded from this chart.


How to find the Customer Quadrant tile:

  1. Select Dashboard.


  1. Ensure the appropriate program is selected.
Note: The Customer Quadrant tile is only available for Customer Experience programs.


  1. Locate the Customer Quadrant tile.



How to export the Customer Quadrant details:

Once you have located the Customer Quadrant tile, you can export the scores used to plot the customers on the quadrant as an Excel file. The Export details option can be found in the Options Menu ( Options_Menu.png )


TIP! You can also download an image of the Customer Quadrant chart as it appears on the Dashboard for easy use in presentations. Simply click Export image instead of Export details.

The exported details of the Customer Quadrant include the Opportunity Name, Respondent Name, Interview Date, Average Driver Performance Scores, and the Renewal Risk.


Note: Filtering the Customer Quadrant tile on risk level does not impact the exported details. The Export details function will export all data for this tile when exported.


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