How do I import multiple users to TruVoice?

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If you have multiple users to add for your program, you can add them in bulk using Import Users in the Users & Groups module. As you import please be aware:

  • Imported users are added without any rights to TruVoice. Rights and group assignments can be made after import.
  • Upon successful import, you’ll have the option of sending an introduction email. You can also download a file of users you successfully added.
  • No introduction emails or notifications are sent when the import is not successful.

Note: You must have admin rights for your program in order to add/import users.

  1. Select Administration.
  2. Select Users & Groups.
  3. Select the Users tab.
  4. Select Import Users, on the right side of the screen.



  1. On the Import Users page, click download import template.
    • The import template will download as an Excel CSV file.



  1. Open the downloaded Excel file, fill in the information, and save file.
    • The First name, Last name, and Email columns are required fields.



  1. Click Select File to choose the Excel CSV file to import and click Open.
  2. Click Import.


Note: Unfortunately, if you are using Microsoft Edge you will not be able to upload a file. Please use another browser to upload a user import file.

  1. If the import was successful, the screen will display the Your import was successful tile.
    • From here you have the option to download a file with all imported users and their temporary passwords or send an introduction email to all new users.
    • If you do not send the introduction emails and click Close, then you will be redirected to the Users & Groups main page. Click here to learn how to send an introduction email.


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  1. If the import failed, the screen will display the Sorry, your import was not successful tile. You can see the reasons why your file failed in the Error Summary table. 


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