How do I manage my saved Dashboards?

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Once you have your Dashboards saved, you can edit or delete them as necessary to rename them or change the filter rules applied to each Saved Dashboard.


  1. From the Dashboard Options menu, select “Manage my Dashboards”.

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  1. Here, you can edit or delete your Saved Dashboards.

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  1. Clicking Edit will enable you to modify the Dashboard Name or Dashboard Description. Once you’ve made your changes, click Update to save them.

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Note: If you delete all saved dashboards, you will no longer see the Saved Dashboards dropdown selector on the top-level Dashboard page, nor will you be able to access Manage my Dashboards. You must save another dashboard configuration before these options become available again.


  1. To modify the filter rules for a Saved Dashboard, open your Saved Dashboard using the drop-down shown on the top-level Dashboard page or click the dashboard name in Manage My Dashboards.



  1. Once the Saved Dashboard is open, click to open the filter menu, make any desired changes to your filter rules, and click to apply them. Once your changes are made, open the options menu and click "Save changes." Click here to learn more about saving changes to existing Saved Dashboards.



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