TruVoice Release on May 4, 2017

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 Items in blue and marked with an asterisk indicate the feature was user-requested.



  • *Experience Drivers: Export all experience drivers (beyond top 3) into Excel
  • *Filters: Update Product control to include products associated with published interviews only (not all interviews -- unpublished and published)
  • Filters: For Customer Experience, show the label for Renewal Likelihood instead of percentage ranges
  • Linked evidence: Update layout
  • Linked evidence: Order contents based on order of interview guide
  • Manage my Dashboard: Add scrolling to view
  • Opportunity overview for Win Loss: Use control instead of arrows to cycle through Outcome Reasons for competitors
  • Opportunity overview for Win Loss: Add the client's overall average score to the Competitive Position chart
  • Opportunity overview for Customer Experience: Show the client's average performance on the Ease of Achieving Results tile
  • *Open interview transcript in separate tab when accessed from Tile view
  • Questions and Answers: For questions with an answer token, show the full question text with each response 
  • *Outcome Reasons: Export all outcome reasons (beyond top 3) into Excel file
  • *Win Back Targets: New control shows all potential win back targets and user can select through them. Updates to labels/titles to remove "Best" terminology.


  • Filters: In Competitive Weaknesses page, certain filter combination causes endless load
  • Linked evidence: Formatting issue with revised annotations
  • Competitive Weaknesses: Client shown in drop down but shouldn't be
  • Performance v Importance child: Important Criteria by Deal Outcome not updating with Win data
  • Opportunity overview for Win Loss: Competitive Intelligence insights showing insights for client
  • Save Dashboard: Show the control with saved Dashboards in mobile view




  • *Update the "Last Activity" tile to show the label of the last email sent
  • *On "Last Activity" tile, allow user to click on email label to view most recent email sent
  • When on Scheduling page for an interview already scheduled, update wording to "Reschedule" and show all previously saved information
  • Show contacts added via generic link with a "survey portion completed" disposition in Schedule view


  • After editing contact details, phone number not updating in Schedule view
  • Breadcrumb not updating properly when going from Scheduling to Research Notes and Activities




  • Conclude page: Date of recording isn't corresponding to the user's time zone (causes recordings to show on previous/next day instead)


Buyer Analysis


  • Remove ability to add note on annotation


  • Insight order changes after adding insight
  • Evaluation date not showing correctly
  • Formatting issue with revised annotations



  • Disabling a template requires multiple attempts
  • Publish notification template not being added by default for new programs




  • *Add a new token for the Opportunity Link
  • Hide disabled questions from Tokens modal
  • Update Link to Profile token to include full string
  • Update Analyst Overview token to be program-specific; improve formatting of insights




  • Add default Buyer Roles for new WL and CE programs


Interview Builder


  • Perform checks when adding client vendor
  • Add Overall Price Position to pricing pack




  • Sample Status report: Include "partial interview completed (won't complete further)" in "Interviewed" stage

Users & Groups


  • Update the new user intro email for SSO users


  • Program Settings/Tags should have "Manage" right available to check
  • My Users report is available in "Edit User" but not "Edit Group"


Data Export - BETA


  • Entire module to export aggregate data, including interview questions, insight statements, and trigger questions
  • This module is currently in beta. If you'd like to participate in our beta test, please email with the subject "BETA Data Export"


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