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The Data Export BETA module in Administration is where you can get an export of interview responses and analysis for all of your published interviews.

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  1. Select Administration.
  2. Select Data Export BETA.



Data Export BETA Overview


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Data Selections:

Summary and Analysis: This option will export interview overviews for all selected interviews.

Insight Statements: This option will export insight statements for all selected interviews. This option is available for Win Loss and Customer Experience programs only.

Trigger Questions: This option will export trigger questions and responses for all selected interviews. This option is available for Win Loss programs only.

Interview Questions: All interview questions in your interview guide. This option also includes disabled interview questions, which are shown in gray italic font.

Published Interviews:

This panel includes all published interviews for your program, and the header shows you the total number of interviews available to export.

When you select one or more interviews from this panel, the total row will update to show you the total number of published interviews you have selected to include in the export.


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