How do I Export From Data Export ᴮᴱᵀᴬ?

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You can export your data in aggregate from Administration / Data Export BETA. You only need to take three steps to do this:

  1. Select the data you'd like to export
  2. Select the interviews you wish to include
  3. Click "Export"

1. Select the Data You'd Like to Export

To get started, you'll need to make at least one selection in the Data Selections panel. You can include analysis, such as the overviews or insights, and/or interview responses. 

  • Summary and Analysis: This option will export interview overviews for all selected interviews.
  • Insight Statements: This option will export insight statements for all selected interviews. This option is available for Win Loss and Customer Experience programs only.
  • Trigger Questions: This option will export trigger questions and responses for all selected interviews. This option is available for Win Loss programs only.
  • Interview Questions: All interview questions in your interview guide. This option also includes disabled interview questions, which are shown in gray italic font.



2. Select the Interviews You Want to Include

In the Published Interviews grid, select the interviews you want to include in your export. You'll need to select at least one interview from the Published Interviews grid to be able to generate the export.



TIP: You can filter your data-set before you export. You can do this by clicking the "three bars" on any column and then selecting "Filter".

For example, select the "three bars" on the Tags column and then select "Filter". Then, select one or more tags. Your Interviews grid will only show interviews matching your selections, and this selection persists in your exported file.

TIP: Add more detail to your exported file by adding columns to your Interviews grid. You can do this by clicking the "three bars" on any column and then selecting "Columns". From here, you can add new columns to your Interviews grid.

For example, if you're working on a Win Loss program, you can add a column for "Competitor". This column will show you each competitor short-listed in each interview.

The column options and filters will be retained in your exported file(s). And, excluding a column from the Published Interviews grid will also exclude that column from the exported data.



3. Click the Export Button

You will receive a confirmation message and the exported data will be sent to you as an email.  

The file will contain multiple CSV Excel files depending on your data selections. For example, if you include insight statements and interview questions, you'll receive file containing the exported insights and a file for the interview question data. They'll arrive in a zipped folder.

Please note: Very large exports may need additional time to complete due to size.



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