TruVoice Fixes on May 4, 2017

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  • Users & Groups: When new default module is created, administrators don't automatically receive access
  • Users & Groups: When a new initiative is created, Consultant owner not receiving automatic rights
  • Users & Groups: Temporary passwords show as "null" for users added longer than 30 days ago that haven't signed in
  • Users & Groups: Sometimes error shows when requesting to reset password from login screen
  • Users & Groups: When adding user, cancel on domain validation not cancelling 
  • Tokens: Quality of Experience token shows number not label
  • Tokens: Overview token not populating
  • Tokens: Interview question tokens not always populating
  • Dashboard: Interview export, Custom Driver labels not showing on criteria tables
  • Research/Interview Conclude: Additional validation needed on Upload Recording
  • Interview Builder: Pricing criteria fix
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