How do I create a UserVoice account?

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As a TruVoice user, we invite you to influence our roadmap. In order to gather feedback and ideas for improvement, we use a UserVoice forum. While some forums do not require a UserVoice account, our private forums do.

We sometimes use private forums in support of our beta testing programs. If you’re participating in a beta test, please be sure to create an account using the steps below.


  1. Navigate to the Feedback homepage at:

Note: Any link you attempt to access without being logged in will direct you to this homepage.

  1. Locate the sign in button for new and returning users.


  1. You will be prompted for your email address first:


  1. Upon entering an email address that isn't already in the system, you’ll be prompted to enter your name to sign up:


  1. After you enter your name, the Sign up button will turn blue and allow you to click it:


Note: By clicking Sign up you acknowledge that you agree to the terms of service for using the platform.

  1. Upon clicking Sign up, your account is created and you can now submit new ideas or vote on existing ideas:


TIP: You can also access a Settings menu once your account is created.

Here, you can:

  • Adjust your notification preferences
  • Set an avatar for your account
  • Change your name, email address, and language preferences
  • Set a password




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