TruVoice Fixes on May 12, 2017

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*Items marked with an asterisk indicate the feature was user-requested


  • *Dashboard/Interview Export: Add new table to show Average Performance by Driver
  • *Scheduled interviews ("View scheduled interview"): Change "Last Activity Date" and "Interview Date" filter options to date filter types (facilitate easier date filtering)
  • *Schedule: Add check box filtering to the Time Zone column (facilitate easier time zone filtering)



  • Interview Export: Export missing the summary/overview for WL interviews (Note: at this time, there is a separate fix in progress for Market Research programs and overviews not exporting; it has not yet been resolved)
  • Interview Export: For on Market Research interview, response from a question not shown
  • Filters: When using tag filters, the Interviews list isn't show all interviews with the tag
  • Competitive Position: Chart bubbles don't have the same deal count as insights panel

Global: Difference in client name and client vendor name caused UI disruption in interview tool


  • Schedule: Filters not working on grid
  • Buyer Analysis: For CE programs, some insights save duplicates


  • Data Export: A question isn't being exported
  • Data Export: Correction to publish date in export file

Survey Engine

  • Survey not loading for one program
  • Certain scenarios keep dispositions from applying
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