What Does Exported Data Look Like?

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When choosing to Data Export option, there are three separate file types that a user can export:

  • Summary and Analysis - This will export the analyst's overview with each interview selected.
  • Insight Statements - This exports the insights, including the statement, attribute(s), classifications and impact.
  • Trigger Questions - This exports the interviewer's follow-up questions to performance scores.


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Once you have exported your data in aggregate from Administration / Data Export BETA. This will explain, what you can see on the Excel spreadsheet.

  1. View email with attachment.
  2. Open and navigate the Exported Data Spreadsheet.


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      1. View email with attachment.

You will note that there are multiple files contained in the zip file.  Each one contains different information. For example, selecting the Data Selection of Summary and Analysis, would display as below;


The Summary and Analysis spreadsheet will contain the overview, while the Data spreadsheet will contain the information selected from the Data File, in the example above, we selected the Primary nonselection reasons.


     2. Open and navigate the Exported Data Export.

Depending on the Data Selection made, the included spreadsheets will contain the following information;


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The Data file will go into more detail, and show the Interview Questions selected and responses.

Note:  For example, on the Data file (interview questions), the responses for each vendor are nested beneath the question and then beneath the specific vendor;


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