How to use Column Options to refine exported data

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Data Export BETA is a robust tool that can provide you with an export of whatever data you might be interested in – whether it’s all of it or just a few specific components. In order to drill down on specific components, we’ve included the ability for you to apply filters and other column options so you can refine the export and exclude data you don't need.

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How to apply column options


  1. In the Published Interviews grid, click the Column Options modal (Column_Options_modal.png) on any column.

  2. Hover your cursor over the Columns selection.


  1. Select the columns you want to include. 

Note: The visible columns will appear or disappear in real-time as you select/deselect options. The columns shown on the page at the time of export will be included in your export file; a deselected column will not be included in the exported file.




How to apply filters


  1. Click the Column Options modal (Column_Options_modal.png) on the column you wish to filter.

  2. Hover your cursor over the Filter selection.


  3. Select the filters you want to apply.


  4. Click Filter_Button.png to see the filtered results.

Note: The count of Published Interviews matching your filter is reflected in the bottom right-hand corner.


TIP: You can filter as many columns as necessary!
  • Simply follow these steps for every column you wish to drill down on, and only interviews matching your selected filters will be included in the export.



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