How do I view all Outcome Reasons?

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The Outcome Reasons tile displays the top three reasons why you win or lose by default, but you can easily view all of your Outcome Reasons if necessary in just a few, quick steps. There are two different ways you can view all Outcome Reasons, both of which are detailed in this article.


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Export all Outcome Reasons

  1. Your top three Outcome Reasons are easily visible right from the main dashboard, but if you’d like to view all of them, simply click the Options menu Options_Menu.png and select Export details.


TIP: You can export the Dashboard chart with the top three reasons as an image for easy use in presentations by clicking Export image in the options menu.


  1. This will generate an Excel file detailing all reasons why you win and lose, sorted by frequency.


TIP: Use the export version if you’d like to do more with the data, such as sort by Category, build charts, or sum up the total Opportunity Value won or lost for a particular category.



View all Outcome Reasons in the Dashboard

  1. To view all Outcome Reasons in the dashboard, you must first navigate to the Outcome Reasons child view by clicking the Go to details button Go_to_details_button.png or selecting Go to details from the options menu Options_Menu.png



  1. On the Outcome Reasons child view, simply click SHOW MORE on the Why You Win or Why You Lose tiles.


TIP: The SHOW MORE button is available on the tiles both in the DETAILS view and the SUMMARY view.

TIP: Switching between the DETAILS view and SUMMARY view after clicking SHOW MORE will retain the expanded view of all Outcome Reasons in both views.


  1. After clicking SHOW MORE, you will see all of the Outcome Reasons for that tile.


TIP: You can click directly on any of the criteria names (or on the bars in the SUMMARY view chart) to view the insights associated with that criterion. Read more about the Reasons for Winning or Losing View.



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