TruVoice Fixes on May 26, 2017

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  • Dashboard/Interview Exports: Create interview exports for Customer Experience programs


  • Dashboard: Competitive Position child page, the Competitor Frequency tile has incorrect short-listed counts
  • Dashboard/Filters: Competitor filter not returning correct count of short-listed vendors
  • Dashboard/Interviews: Tile view doesn't scroll/load after sorting has been applied
  • Dashboard/Linked Evidence: Additional comments show in linked evidence when they aren't selected in Buyer Analysis
  • Research/Sample: Some tags are missing in Add/Edit Opp views
  • Prog Settings/Tags: Some tags that appear in Manage Tags view don't show in Assigned Tags view
  • Research/Analyze: User unable to add a note when flagging as issue
  • Admin/Data Export: Competitor column not including all short-listed vendors
  • Admin/Data Export: Contact info question not displaying correctly
  • Survey: User can't progress through survey in some cases
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