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Framework is divided into two sections: Overview and Analysis. The Overview contains an Outcome Statement, any Program Notes, the Opportunity Value Settings, an Active Interview Published Notification and an Active Generic Survey Link. Analysis contains all of the available attributes for Analysts to use.

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Overview and Navigation

  1. Under Program Settings | Framework | Analysis


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Key Points

Analysis Attributes shows all of the available attributes for the analysts to utilize when analyzing an interview for that given program.

It includes both standard attributes and custom attributes, which are the program's unique driver criteria.


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This is a quick reference or look up page for all attributes, which is a useful tool.

Tip: If there was a specific way we want to use an attribute during the analysis process, this can be added as a note to give instructions, so it is available for review later.

To Add Note, click the button, and type the text you want into the Notes field, and then click Save.  This will be available for all Analyst's to view.


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This list of attributes can also be exported.


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