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TruVoice displays your outcome reasons in two different ways: You can look at the reasons why you win or lose by the reason itself. And, you can look at your outcome reasons by Category or by the group each outcome reason belongs to.

For example, you may win business for your "Sales presentation" and for "Understanding business needs," and both of these reasons for winning belong to the category for "Sales performance". These categories help you group specific outcome reasons into buckets.


  1. To see your Outcome Reasons by Category, click Go to details from the Outcome Reasons tile on the main Dashboard.



  1. Set the page's toggle to "Details" view


  1. The Reasons for Winning/Losing by Category tiles will appear on the right-hand side of the page and will look like this:


  • These two tiles give you a quick snapshot of the reasons you win or lose by Category, giving you quick insight into which components are in your favor and which components are working against you. This helps you dial in on larger trends in your Outcome Reasons data.


  • These “bigger buckets” include: Solution, Sales Team, Pricing & Value, Marketing and any custom drivers you’ve built into your program. 


  • The chart displays the percentage of times an individual criterion from each category is cited by your customers as having a direct impact on the decision. 


  • Each opportunity can count towards multiple categories. For example, an opportunity may have both a Sales and Solution-related reason for winning and will be counted in each category accordingly.


  • Each opportunity can only "count" towards a category one time. This ensures that categories don't become inflated. For example, if one opportunity cited multiple sales-related reasons you won, it will only be counted one time to represent the one opportunity.


TIP: For more information on the data displayed in these tiles, be sure to check out the quick Help tip from the Options Menu in either tile

TIP: From the Options Menu, you can also export an image of these tiles for easy use in presentations. Simply click the Export button and the image will be generated and downloaded to your computer.




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