How to add, disable, and edit Secondary Information Options

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In the Secondary Information tab of Framework | Analysis you can add, edit or disable an option based on the secondary information types available, then customize its name and definition.

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  1. Overview and Navigation
  2. Add a Secondary Information Option
  3. Edit a Secondary Information Option
  4. Disable a Secondary Information Option


Overview and Navigation

  1. Select Program Settings and Framework | Analysis.


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Add a Secondary Information Option

  1. Click the Plus sign to add a new secondary attribute. This opens the Add Analysis Option (Secondary Information) window.
  2. Enter the Name of the option, the name will appear in Buyer Analysis and on the interview exactly as it entered.
  3. Select a Type from the drop-down list.


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Note: if you are unsure what the different types mean, then see the Type definitions here.

     4Add a Definition (not required), the definition will help the clarify what information is entered in the analysis option.


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     5. Click Save.

The new Secondary Information is on the grid and is available in Buyer Analysis to assign to an interview.


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Edit a Secondary Information Option

In the Secondary Information tab of Framework | Analysis, you can Edit the Name and Definition of an analysis option. Type is not editable.

  1. Locate the Secondary Information that you need to edit.  Click the Edit button, and a window will open.


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Note: you cannot edit the Type, if you want to change the type then add a new option with the correct type and disable the old option.

 2. Select Update.

The secondary information will now appear in the grid and throughout TruVoice with the updated Name and Definition.


Disable a Secondary Information Option

In the Secondary Information tab of Framework | Analysis, you can cannot delete secondary information; however, you can disable it which will make it inactive throughout TruVoice.

  1. Locate the secondary attribute you would like to disable, and click Disable.

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 2. A confirmation message will appear, in the top-right corner of the page.


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The Enabled column will no longer display this secondary information.  To see all disabled Secondary information options, click the Disabled button.


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Note: The disabled secondary information options will not be removed from archived interviews; however, it is no longer available in Buyer Analysis as an option for future interviews.

If you need to Enable this again, click the Enable button.


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Note: the analysis option is now available in Buyer Analysis.


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