Submitting Sample Using Nominated Contacts

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TruVoice has the ability to integrate with SFDC opportunity data via TruSales, allowing you to submit sample directly into TruVoice. All contacts submitted via TruSales are shown in the Nominated Contacts tab.


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Your Nominated Contacts are available in the Sample module, which is nested under Research:

  1. Select Research | Sample
  2. Click on the Nominated Contacts tab

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This view shows contacts that have been submitted from TruSales but have not yet entered the research process. In this view, you can view contacts that are Waiting for Approval or that have been rejected:

  • Waiting for Approval - All contacts submitted from TruSales are shown here until they are either approved, rejected, or deleted
  • Rejected - This shows any contact(s) that have been rejected from the Waiting for Approval tab. Contacts in here can be approved, moved back to waiting, or deleted.


Contacts Waiting for Approval

In the Waiting for Approval view, you'll find contacts submitted from TruSales that have not yet entered the research process to complete an interview. In order for the research process to continue, you or your Primary Intelligence team will need to "Approve" a contact. You can approve a contact by clicking on its check box and then selecting the "Approve" button. Once it's approved, a contact is added as sample and is available for scheduling.

You can also prevent a nominated contact from entering the research process by rejecting it. For example, if the opportunity submitted does not qualify for your research purposes, it can be rejected and no further activities will occur.


To Approve, Reject, or Delete a contact, follow these steps:

  1. Select a contact by checking the box
  2. Select either Approve, Reject or Delete


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  • Approve – Select this option to transfer contacts into Sample and start the research process. This option adds the contact to TruVoice. Prior to approval, contacts are not added as sample.
  • Reject – Select this option to decline entry into the research process.
  • Delete – Choose this option to delete from the Nominated Contacts area.
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  • Only users with Manage rights have access to the Delete functionality.
  • Users with Modify rights have access to Approve and Modify.
  • Users with Access rights can only view the contacts that have been nominated.
Note: If a contact is deleted, it is removed from TruVoice. To recover, the user can resubmit the contact from TruSales, or they can manually add it as sample.


Data Integrity

TruVoice also maintains data integrity and ensures that duplicate opportunities and contacts do not simultaneously enter the research process. If a duplicate or potential duplicate opportunity is identified, TruVoice will notify you:

Yellow_warn.png  Yellow Warning sign: This indicates that the opportunity already exists in TruVoice, but the contact does not. If you choose to approve this contact, it will get added to the existing opportunity (and will not be added under a new one).

If you wish to add a contact under a new opportunity, you must delete the contact from Nominated Contacts, rename the opportunity in, and resubmit it via TruSales.

red_warn.png Red Warning Sign: This indicates that the contact already exists and has been added under the same opportunity in TruVoice. It cannot be added again.


Rejected Contacts

Contacts that were rejected from the Waiting for Approval view show in the Rejected view. From here, you can choose to approve them, move them back to the waiting area, or delete them. 

  1. Select the contact by checking the box
  2. Click Approve, Move to Waiting, or Delete


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