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In TruSales, you can easily and quickly submit contacts to TruVoice for engagement in the research process to complete a Win Loss or Customer Experience interview. TruSales directly integrates with, and when contacts are nominated from TruSales, pertinent information gathered from is passed through to TruVoice.


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TruSales Nominations Overview

To submit sample from TruSales, start by going to the Nominations tab.  From here, you will be able to see all contacts available for your program. 


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      1. Select Nominations from the top menu.
      2. Select either the Win Loss or Customer Experience tab, depending on the program to which you are looking to nominate sample.
      3. If multiple initiatives are associated with your program, you can choose the initiative to which you want to assign the contact from the drop down.
      4. Opportunity row displaying the Company Name, Opportunity Details, Available contacts, and Products proposed.


Selecting an opportunity

After locating the desired Opportunity, you're ready to move onto the next steps.

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      1. The checkbox will show a check mark indicating that this opportunity is selected.
      2. The Contacts column displays the number of contacts available to be submitted.

Note: This does not mean that there are only 2 contacts that can be submitted; it means that two contacts associated with this opportunity are set in Salesforce. You can select other contacts from the company list when you edit the information prior to submission.

      1. Clicking Edit in the Action panel, or clicking on the highlighted row, will allow you to edit the opportunity.
      2. This warning sign indicates that certain required information is missing from the Opportunity. This must be updated before the opportunity can be submitted.


Editing the opportunity

Clicking on Edit in the Action column will open a popup wherein you can double check or edit contact details before submission to TruVoice.

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      1. The check mark indicates that a contact is selected and ready to be submitted.
      2. If the contact you want to submit is not shown in the list, click this to show all contacts for the opportunity. From the list, you can then click the check box to select the desired contact to be included in the submission.
      3. Click Edit to open the opportunity details to verify or update the contacts' information. You can update all areas of the opportunity here. Certain areas are required and must be completed prior to submission.

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      • Opportunity Info is where you can update the specifics for this opportunity.
      • Account Info is where you can update the account information for this opportunity.
      • Product Info is where you must select the product proposed for this opportunity. This is a required field. If a product is not selected here, you will not be able to submit the opportunity.
      • Additional Info is where you can add any other relevant information.


When ready, click Save.



Submitting the opportunity

If more than one initiative is associated with your program, you will want to ensure that the correct one is selected from the drop-down before submitting an opportunity. Once the correct initiative is selected and all opportunity details have been verified, click Submit.


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A pop-up will display asking you to map the applicable product to the TruVoice product:

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Once the products are mapped accordingly, click Submit again. If the submission was successful, a confirmation box will appear:



Once you receive confirmation that the submission was successful, the opportunity will appear in the Submitted tab in TruSales, and the sample will appear in TruVoice in the Nominated Contacts tab in Research | Sample.

Note: After a contact has been submitted for an opportunity, you will not be able to re-submit that contact; however, you can still edit and add other contacts for submission to the same opportunity.


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