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What is the Price Position tile?

The Price Position tile is available on Win Loss Dashboards only. This tile is populated by responses from the "Overall price position" interview question, which asks respondents to compare your overall price position to the competition. Your buyers indicate whether you were priced higher, similarly, or lower than competitors in each opportunity. 



Understanding the Price Position Details data

From the main Dashboard, the Price Position tile shows the Details tab by default. This tab displays the specific percentages for all price-related data when your position is higher, similar, or lower compared to the competition.

This view does not narrow any data based on a specific competitor; however, it does focus on your strongest competitor in wins and the winning vendor in losses. The percentages are calculated by looking at the total number of times you were higher, similar, or lower in each criterion and dividing each by the total number of answers available.




Understanding the Price Position Summary data

Clicking the Summary toggle on the Price Position tile will switch the data view to display how your Overall Price Position compares against your Main Competitor, which is broken out by Wins and Losses. For Win data, the chart displays your price position versus your strongest competitor; for Loss data, it displays your price position versus the vendor that won the deal. 


Note: The Summary tab relies on the interview question, "Overall price position." If your interview guide does not have this question, or if no respondents have answered this question, then the tile will not populate with any results. If your interview guide does not have this question, contact your Primary Intelligence Partner or Consultant today to get it added! 
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If you ever need quick clarification on the data that governs the Details view or Summary view, be sure to review the Quick Help tool-tip!




Drilling down: Competitive Price Analysis

If you want to take a deeper dive into your Price Position data, you can access the Competitive Price Analysis page by clicking the Go to details arrow from the main tile.


This will take you to a screen where you can review all price-related details on a per-competitor basis:




Price Position vs. [competitor]

The first tile on the Competitive Price Analysis page provides details on your Overall Price Position versus the competitor selected in the page control. This tile gives quick insight into the frequency that your price is higher, similar, or lower compared to the competition. The bars are color-coded for wins, losses, and mutual losses. Mutual losses describe deals where both you and your competitor were short-listed but neither were selected.



Price Specifics vs. [competitor]

The second tile on the Competitive Price Analysis page gives a detailed breakout of the frequency of a particular price position for the competitor selected in the page control. This view lists the percentage of times a given criterion was rated within a particular bracket compared to the total data available. It can be viewed as a Table or as a Chart so that you can easily see how you compare to a given competitor.

Click image to enlarge

Click image to enlarge


Tip! The Price Specifics tile can be exported as an image for easy use in presentations. You can also export the details as an Excel file for any additional data manipulation that might be necessary. Simply open the Options menu to access both exports!




Summary of the calculations

  • Price Position Dashboard Tile:
    • Details = All pricing questions that ask buyers to compare you to competitors. Includes data from all shortlisted vendors.
    • Summary = Overall price position question. Only when competitor is strongest competitor or winning vendor.
  • Price Position Drill-Down:
    • Price Position vs. Competitor = Based on the Overall price position question. Any opportunity where the competitor selected in the page control is shortlisted.
    • Price Specifics vs. Competitor = All pricing questions that ask buyers to compare you to the competitor selected in the page control. Includes data only comparing client to the selected competitor.



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