How to log an Outside Email

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When a respondent replies to a Scheduling email, you can log a disposition indicating that an Outside Email was received, as well as what the email’s contents were, by following these simple steps.



  1. Select Research.
  2. Select Schedule.


  1. Locate the opportunity contact that sent the outside email and click the phone icon to open the Scheduling view.



  1. Click Received outside email in the left-hand options panel.



  1. The screen will load with a blank set of fields in which you can input relevant information.



  1. After filling in the relevant information, click Save to apply the disposition.



  1. After the outside email is saved, it will display in the Last Activity tile next time you open the Scheduling view for that contact.



  1. From the Last Activity tile, you can click to view the outside email that was received.



  1. Upon viewing the outside email, it will open as a simple popup on the screen for you to review quickly.




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