TruVoice Fixes on July 14, 2017

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  • Dashboard/Competitive Weaknesses: Show a message on the Most Important Criteria in Losses if no data is available


  • Dashboard/Price Position: Message showing on chart when one outcome option isn't available but shouldn't
  • Dashboard/Interview Export: Unrelated header/footer show when setting "Different first page" in Word
  • Research/Schedule: In Web Only tabs, template selections not updating with available templates
  • Research/Analyze: Check for analysis in process on backend (ensure analysts can't simultaneously open interview)
  • Research/Edit: Check for editing in process on backend (ensure editors can't simultaneously open interview)
  • Program Settings/Interview Builder: Reordering not functioning properly
  • Program Settings/Interview Builder: Price questions display condition issue
  • Prog Settings/Interview Builder: Vendor field fix
  • Program Settings/Interview Builder: Correction to logic for checking for dependencies
  • Admin/Data Export: Data for Overall Price Position not exporting in some cases
  • Survey: Improve performance on IE11
  • Fixes to various internal pages


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