How do return a template to its default version?

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TruVoice provides default template messaging for all templates used for research process communications. Templates can be modified to suit the needs of each program, and just as easily, they can be returned to the default version if necessary by following these simple steps.


  1. Select Program Settings.
  2. Select Templates.



  1. Select the template Category.



  1. Click to select the desired template to open the Overview panel.

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  1. Click the Return to default template button Default_Button.png

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Note: Only templates initially added to a program as default templates can be returned to their default version. A template that is manually created by clicking the + button will not have a default version attached to it, and the Return to default template button will not appear.


  1. Click ‘OK’ to confirm
Note: Upon confirming, the screen will return to display the list of templates. Repeat step 4 to view the Overview panel again and verify that the template has returned to the default version.
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