Where can I view my Outcome Statement?

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TruVoice Framework offers an area in which an Outcome Statement, or the core goal you hope to achieve with your program, can be defined. Defining this statement is essential to ensuring that the interview data that is gathered is aligned with meeting that goal, and because of this, modifying it once it has been defined should be avoided.

To help keep this goal in mind over the course of the research process, the Outcome Statement can be viewed at any time, right from the main Dashboard view in just two simple steps:


  1. From the main Dashboard view, open the Dashboard Options Menu Options_Menu.png

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  1. Select the Outcome Statement option



  1. Your Outcome Statement will open as a popup for quick review. When finished, simply click OK to return to the Dashboard.

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Note: If you have not yet defined an Outcome Statement, or it has not yet been added into your program’s Framework, the popup will alert you to this. If you see this message, be sure to reach out to your Program Consultant to get an Outcome Statement defined and entered into TruVoice.






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