TruVoice Fixes on August 4, 2017

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  • Sample Status Report: Updated the Sample Summary tile to show Sample Conversion Metrics (Qualified Conversion Rate, Refusal Rate, and Disqualified Rate)
  • Tags: Added dynamic searching to the tags table and word cloud
  • Research/Schedule: Allow schedulers to open the interview directly from Scheduling page
  • Research/Edit: Enabled column grouping for users with Modify rights
  • Research/Analyze: Enabled column grouping for users with Modify rights
  • Interview builder: Add the contact info question by default for all interviews


  • Dashboard/Interviews Grid: With specific filters and sorting active, if interview set exceeds one page the date range shows "Invalid date to Invalid date"
  • Templates: Default templates have not been added for all programs
  • Research/Sample: The Remove Contact option does not work
  • Research/Scheduling: Schedulers are unable to send a scheduling email to a specific CIP
    • NOTE: This affected only one program
  • Research/Buyer Analysis: Search is not searching Additional Comments for some question types
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