TruVoice Fixes on August 11, 2017

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  • Research/Sample: Add 'Clear filters' button to grid
  • Research/Schedule: Add 'Clear filters' button to grid
  • Research/Schedule: Enable searching on grid
  • Research/Schedule: On 'Send email', default is to not copy sales rep or account manager
  • Research/Edit: Add 'Clear filters' button to grid
  • Research/Editing: Enable Editors to update Company name directly in the page
  • Research/Analyze: Add 'Clear filters' button to grid
  • Reports/Sample Status: Enable column selection in sample grid


  • User had rights to a report but did not see it in the navigation panel (note: This affected only one user)
  • Research/Schedule: Outcome column in the grid is not populating
  • Research/Schedule: Column filtering remained on page after matching contacts are no longer in the schedule view
  • Research/Schedule: 'Open interview' routing user back to their default screen
  • Research/Scheduling: Unable to send an email for a specific program (note: This affected only one program)
  • Dashboard/Customer Experience: In mobile view help text was shown when it should not be
  • Research/Editing; For some form open ended questions, the responses are displayed in the wrong order
  • Dashboard/Outcome Reasons: With a certain filter set applied, chart is missing reasons that should be shown
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