TruVoice Fixes on August 18, 2017

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  • *Dashboard (Customer Experience): Enable filtering on KPIs
  • *Sample Status Report: Change filtering on Tags column to check-box filtering
  • *Sample Status Report: When column filters are applied, show a 'Clear Filters' button
  • *Research/Sample: Auto-populate time zone for domestic phone numbers
  • *Research/Scheduling: Update page routing on Save to not bring user back to main Schedule page for some dispositions
  • Interview Builder: Allow users to add and remove dependent questions to survey outline, show confirmation instead of blocking
  • *Framework/Analysis Options: Add additional analysis attributes across all WL and CE programs


  • Research/Edit: Some trigger questions not recognizing custom client name
  • Research/Scheduling: 'Additional comments' should never be a required field
  • Interview Builder: Error shown when trying to save changes to looping logic
  • Research/Buyer Analysis: Questions are shown in the incorrect order
  • Dashboard/Importance vs Performance Scores: With certain filter sets, if no scores are available a zero is shown instead of '-'

*Enhancements based on user feedback

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