TruVoice Fixes on September 1, 2017

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  • Dashboard Filters: Ability to 'Select All' in competitor control
  • Reports/Sample Status: Add checkbox filtering to the Status column
  • Research/Interview: Make product more readily visible on grid, add email address to contact tool tip
  • Research/Edit: Add ability to push back to scheduling
  • Research/Schedule: Show opportunities that have been pushed back to scheduling
  • Research/Schedule: Optimize performance of the Schedule grid
  • Global/Tokens: Additional tokens added for template emails
  • Survey: Do not add a new contact for generic link surveys until the survey is completed


  • Reports/Sample Status: Minor UI fixes
  • Survey: Validation issues with a survey question on mobile phones (Note: Affected only one program)
  • Dashboard/Competitive Positioning: Competitor frequency missing for some competitors

Various enhancements to internal tools

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