TruVoice Fixes on September 13, 2017

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  • Dashboard: Single select looping questions added to Questions and Answers tile
  • Dashboard: Added 'Jump to scores' option to go directly to scores page from Importance vs Performance tiles
  • Research/Sample: Auto populate time zones based on area code in phone number
  • Research/Sample: Changed search to Live search
  • Research/Schedule: Added toggle options to grid so that Schedulers can see who is due for what type of contact
  • Research/Schedule: Added disposition for 'Replied to outside emai'
  • Research/Interview: Added tile with contact email, phone, and products to the conclude interview page
  • Research/Interview: Added live search to page
  • Research/Edit: Added live search to page
  • Research/Analyze: Added live search to page
  • Sample Status Report: Added live search to grid
  • Sample Status Report: Added search on check box filter controls for Tags and Status
  • Users and Groups: Changed grid search to a live search
  • Users and Groups: Added search in Members tab of Edit Group
  • Dashboard: Various UI enhancements


  • Dashboard: Importance vs Performance child: One program had extra drivers showing in control
  • Dashboard/Interviews: Interviews without the 'Selected vendor' question were not showing for a program
  • Research/Sample: Import sample loading continuously
  • Research/Schedule: Terminated contacts appearing in grid
  • Research/Buyer Analysis: Removing linked evidence from 'Linked to selected' causes responses to collapse in 'All' view
  • Sample Status Report: Interviews abandoned during Buyer Analysis showing incorrect stage
  • Sample Status Report: Text wrapping in check box filter control
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