TruVoice Fixes on September 19, 2017

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  • *Dashboard/Interviews: Show a paperclip in list view when there are files attached to the interview or opportunity
  • *Research/Schedule: Add new column and highlight outstanding contacts
  • *Research/Schedule: Allow emails to be sent to contacts with domain '.london'
  • Research/Schedule: Move the 'Scheduled Interviews' grid from a child page to a tab in the main page
  • *Research/Sample: Add British Summer Time to time zone list
  • *Research/Interview: If the outcome loaded when sample is added is different from the outcome derived from Survey responses, show both outcomes in the Interview grid.
  • *Research/Editing: Provide editors the ability to leave notes for Analysts
  • *Research/Buyer Analysis: Show alert when editors have left a note for analysts
  • *Sample Status Report: Add contact history to a pop up window (see new column in grid)
  • Users and Groups: Add toggle to 'Groups' tab of 'Edit User' to quickly see which groups they are members of
  • Users and Groups: Add Email and Roles columns and allow user to select which columns they want to see
  • Users and Groups: Reordering of Framework modules
  • Questions and Answers: Update to ensure chart axis only shows whole numbers
  • Interview Builder: Update to looping logic when looping on a ranking question


  • Outcome Reason UI enhancements
  • Research/Sample: Two contacts were shown as duplicates that shouldn't be
  • *Sample Status Report: For one program, error is shown when filtering the report
  • Questions and Answers: Blank chart and table for single select looping questions
  • Users and Groups UI button overlap issue on small screens
  • Sample Status Report: Interviews that were abandoned during the analysis process were showing incorrect stage
  • Dashboard/Interviews: Exporting for one client causes the page to fail

*User requested

Various enhancements to internal tools

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