Sample Status: How to Apply, Save, and View Filters

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The Sample Status report is the go-to TruVoice page for tracking your program’s sample progression and success. The Sample Status report shows you both key conversion metrics and where in the research process each contact is.

Similar to the main Dashboard, you can filter the Sample Status report. Filter sets can be saved as 'Reports' and easily reapplied any time you revisit the Sample Status report. This article will walk you through how to apply report-level filters, how to save them, and how to access them later.


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Locating the Sample Status report

  1. From the left-hand navigation panel, select Reports > Program Reports > Sample Status.


  1. This will take you to the default, unfiltered view of the Sample Status report:

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Applying & Saving Filters

Applying filters to the Sample Status report can be very helpful in tracking your program’s success. For example, you could check on the status of sample added within a set period of time, sample belonging to a specific sales rep, or sample relating to a product of interest.

Follow these steps to apply and then save your Sample Status filters:


  1. After navigating to the Sample Status report page, click the Filter button ( Filter_Button.png ) in the upper right-hand corner of the page.



  1. The Filter Options will open as a pop-up window

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      a. Select And to include/exclude sample that meets all of the filter conditions; select Or to include/exclude sample that meets at least one of the filter conditions.
      b. Select whether the filter should Include (show) sample that meets the conditions, or Exclude (not show) sample that meets the conditions.
      c. Select the filter conditions you wish to apply. Be sure to keep in mind the Filter Rules you’ve selected.
      d. Clears all selected filter conditions.
      e. Click OK to apply the selected filters


  1. After applying your desired filters, you’ll see the Sample Status report update based on your conditions.

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  1. Once your filters are applied, you can save them for easy future reference. Simply open the Options Menu Options_Menu.png ) and select Save report as.



  1. This will open a pop up window in which you can input a name and description of your applied filters.




Viewing previously saved filters

After you’ve saved at least one filter set as a Saved Report, you can toggle between it, any other Saved Reports, and an unfiltered report easily. 

Upon navigating to the Sample Status report page, if you have one or more saved reports, a control with 'No filters applied' will show.


To view one of your saved reports, simply expand the page control and select the filter set you want:


You can also view your Saved Reports all in one place by opening the Options Menu ( Options_Menu.png ) and selecting View saved reports:


Here, you can:

      a. Edit a saved report’s name or description (click ‘Update’ to save changes)
      b. Click directly on a report name to view that saved report (filter set)
      c. Delete a saved report (filter set)

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