TruVoice Weekly Release on October 2, 2017

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  • *Reduced clicked needed in dashboard navigation for the following tiles:
    • Outcome Reasons (Win Loss)
    • Experience Drivers (Customer Experience)
    • Competitive Position (Win Loss)
    • Competitive Weaknesses (Win Loss)
    • Importance vs Performance (Win Loss)
    • Performance in Important Areas (Customer Experience)
  • Move Profile Export settings into its own module and add additional instructions
  • Move Analysis Options into its own module
  • Research/Schedule: Update toggle logic
  • *Research/Schedule: Updates to 'Referred new contact' disposition
  • Research/Schedule: Updates to main grid logic
  • Research/Edit: Add last disposition of 'Editing note to analyst'


  • *Questions and Answers: Filter on open ended looping questions when filters are active
  • Questions and Answers: Occasional lag in page update between question selections
  • *Interview export failing for some interviews
  • *Interview export show '&' instead of '&''
  • *Research/Scheduled Interviews: Issue with survey link when clicking 'send reminder'
  • *Interview Builder: Ordering of questions when there are multiple questions on the same page
  • Survey: User can't click back to the first question
  • *Survey: User was able to click to next page before selecting a response for a Ranking question
  • Filtering in Sample Status report failing for one program
  • Research/Sample: Export option is missing
  • *Research/Edit: Displaying answer values instead of labels (affected 2 interviews)
  • *Research/Schedule: Highlighting disappears when grouping columns
  • Research/Schedule: In web-only, time zone shows as a number
  • Research/Schedule: Rescheduled contacts showing in Interviews page but not in Scheduled Interviews grid
  • Duplicate disposition cleanup (Contact added)

*User requested 

Various enhancements to internal tools

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