TruVoice Weekly Release on October 6, 2017

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  • *Reduced clicked needed in dashboard navigation for Revenue at Risk tile (Customer Experience)
  • Interview Builder enhancements:
    • Added ID columns for Vendor and Criteria lists
    • Automatically add new question when a pricing criterion is added
    • Add 'Copy question' functionality
    • Automatically assign categories to several driver questions
  • Users and Groups: Don't wrap text in the user grid
  • *Research/Schedule: Add two new scheduling dispositions
  • *Research/Schedule: Enable bulk application of several dispositions within Schedule view
  • Call Log Report: Update file type to MP3


  • *Outcome Reasons: Incorrect total interview counts showing for some programs
  • Mobile view of interviews and the dashboard not recognized on some cell phone types
  • Recordings: Some recordings need to be manually re-attached to interviews

*User requested 

Various enhancements to internal tools

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