TruVoice Weekly Release on October 13, 2017

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  • Mobile view: Increased readability of interview analysis tab
  • *Filters: Consolidated vendor names based on vendor ID 
  • *Competitive Weaknesses: Consolidated vendor names based on vendor ID
  • Users and Groups UI enhancement to show content of cell on hover
  • Research/Schedule updated grid logic to account for new dispositions
  • Research/Scheduling: Added template scripts for live calls
  • Several Interview Builder usability enhancements


  • *Mobile view: Fixed scrolling issues on Android phones
  • *Tags: Assigned tags always showed as empty when there was an active user search
  • *Recordings were not attaching correctly
  • *Data Export (beta) emails were not being delivered
  • *Dashboard (CE): Some interviews were showing 'Unknown' experience when it should have shown a quality of experience
  • Dashboard/Price Position page: The child page failed for some programs
  • Research/Analyze: Abandoned sample was showing in the Analyze grid
  • *Research/Analyze: Insights duplicated when Save was pushed multiple times

*User requested

Various enhancements to internal tools

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