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The Insights Feed captures all of the insights for your program. You can limit the insights that show up in your feed by category and impact level through your subscription options. The tile updates as interviews are published, with your newest insights showing at the top.


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Configuring and using the Insights Feed tile

The Insights Feed tile appears on the main Dashboard directly below the Outcome Reasons tile for Win Loss programs, and below the Experience Drivers tile for Customer Experience programs.

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The insights included in the tile are determined by your subscriptions to Categories and to Impact Levels. There are default selections by user role, but they can be modified at any time by clicking on the settings menu in the tile.Insights_Feed_2.pngClick image to enlarge


In the Insights Subscription Options window, choose the Categories and Impact Levels you want to subscribe to. Upon saving, the feed will update based on your preferences. From the tile, you can filter your subscribed insights by category using the category control at the top of the tile, or by impact and classification using the legend at the bottom.


Note: The Category Control will only show the categories marked in the Subscription Options settings.


Not seeing some insights you think you should be?
  • Some insights, such as buyer-level insights, are typically only assigned ‘No impact.’ Only in select, special circumstances will a buyer-level insight be assigned as a Major or Minor impact. If you’ve opted out of receiving ‘No impact’ insights, try opting back in to see if the feed updates with the insights you think you might be missing.
  • If you're opted into all Impact Levels and still think you might be missing some insights, double check to make sure you're subscribed to all of the Categories you should be.


In addition to the filtering applied by the Subscription Categories and Impact Levels, the Insights Feed also gets filtered at the page level when you apply filters through the main Filter Options menu:


This allows you to trim down the Insights Feed based on specific datasets, such as only wins, opportunities against specific competitors, or interviews published within a specific time frame.


Looking for something specific?

The Insights Feed tile has a search option built in. If you have a particular keyword in mind that you want to see insights for, type it into the search bar and press 'Enter' to initiate the search (or click the gray 'Go' arrow.) To clear a search, click into the search bar and press the 'Esc' key, or click the red 'X'.



The Insights Feed does not display a fixed number of insights. By default, it displays the 25 most recent insights that meet your subscription settings. As you review your list of insights, once you reach the bottom of the first 25 insights, click the 'Show More' button to load the next 25.



When looking through your Insights Feed, if you want more information about an insight, click on the link icon next to the desired insight to view its supporting evidence, which comes directly from survey responses and respondent quotes. To see the full interview, click the Go arrow.



 You can also access the full interview transcript from the Linked Evidence popup:




Using the Insights Feed drill-down page

To access the Insights Feed drill-down page, click the ‘Go’ arrow in the header of the Insights Feed tile:



The Insights page is where you can find all insights that have been written for your program. This page is subject to dashboard level filters, can be filtered by Attribute or by Vendor, and has the standard impact and classification filters in the legend.

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To search insights, enter your search term in the Search bar and hit Enter on your keyboard or click the grey search button.

To clear your search, hit Esc on your keyboard if your mouse is still in the Search bar, or click the red X button.



To see only insights for specific vendors, select those vendors in the Vendor control:



To see only insights for specific attributes, select those attributes in the Attribute control:



You can see the evidence that was used to inform the selected insight on the right side of the page under the Evidence header:



To see the full interview associated with the insight, click the Go arrow to the right of the insight:



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