TruVoice Release on November 6, 2017

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  • Child page added with all program insights
  • Clear Filters button added to the dashboard
  • Dashboard defaults to hiding the left navigation panel (use toggle in the upper right corner to change your default settings)
  • Dashboard/Interview: Sales rep email address linked in Details tab
  • Research/Interview: Missed interviews or partial interviews continue to show on the grid until the end of the day that they are scheduled


  • Profile export button missing for Market Research interviews
  • Research/Edit and Analyze: View in dashboard link not working
  • Research/Buyer Analysis: Duplicate vendors shown in insight vendor control
  • Research/Scheduling: Interviewer field reverting to a previous consultant or no consultant after save
  • Research/Schedule: Column selections are not retaining between logins and page refreshes
  • Research/Schedule: No active contract is showing in last activity for some contacts when it shouldn't be
  • Research/Schedule: Search function not working
  • Interview Builder: Translations of months and scale options not available for foreign language interviews
  • Interview Builder: New Pricing criteria are not automatically adding to the Criteria Importance question
  • Outcome Reasons tile and Competitive Weaknesses tile not populating for some programs
  • Questions and Answers page failing for one program
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