How To Clear Individual Rights

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Within Users & Groups, you can assign individual rights or group rights to a given user. Individual rights allow you to define a specific subset of rights for a specific user, while Group rights allow you to define the same subset of rights to be given to multiple users. 

If you've previously given a specific user Individual rights, we've made it easy for you to revoke those rights for situations such as:

  • Wanting to simplify your rights structure to leverage only Group rights.
  • A user transitioning into a new role and needing to be added to a group.
  • A user transitioning into a new role and needing a different specific subset of rights.


Clearing Individual rights

To clear an individual user's rights, follow these simple steps:


  1. Navigate to Administration/Users & Groups.


  1. Select the row for the user you wish to modify.


  1. Select the Edit User icon in the details panel.


  1. In the Options Menu, select 'Clear individual rights'


  1. Click 'Yes' on the confirmation dialogue.



Note: Clearing individual rights only applies to rights assigned from the 'Rights' tab of the user's information screen. Any rights provided to the user through Groups will remain in place until the user is also removed from those groups.
  • If a user is currently logged in upon a rights change being made, they will not see the change applied until they log out and back into TruVoice. 
  • To minimize potential disruptions, we recommend adding the user to the appropriate group(s) before clearing their individual rights.




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