TruVoice Release on November 21, 2017

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  • Users and Groups: Added ability to clear individual user rights (Note: this is will be helpful if you are trying to move towards managing rights through groups. See help center article.)
  • Profile Export enhancements: Allow for custom exports, allow for exporting all interviews for an opportunity
  • Insights tile: Updated logic to look at name and tile from survey responses rather than original sample
  • Importance vs Performance: Updated logic to merge criteria based on ID
  • Tags: Updated grid so that searching on the contact grid does not filter the right panel to include only tags associated with the filtered contacts
  • Research/Schedule: Added new batch disposiitions
  • Research/Sample: Enhancements to Import: Enable partial numbers for opportunity value, enable 'Normal' priority, fix issue with foreign characters on import
  • Interview Tile: Reorder tabs so Recent interviews are shown first


  • Profile Export: Inconsistent indentations for insights
  • Tags: Search function not working when Published or Not published toggle is selected
  • Research/Interview: Fixed search function in Interview grid
  • Competitive Weaknesses tile: When certain filters are applied, competitive weaknesses tile won't load
  • Research/Scheduling: Qualifying questions not working as expected 
  • Research/Schedule: Client column filter not consistently populating with all client names
  • Research/Sample: Export is not exporting all pages
  • Users and Groups: Count in tab header for groups not always matching count of members
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