TruVoice Release on November 30, 2017

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  • Dashboard
    • Tiles rearranged for usability
  • Questions and Answers
    • All question types are now included
    • Added looping multi select and ranking questions
    • Replace [client] token with client name
  • Interview
    • Insights updated to show aspects when they are included
  • Filters
    • Enhancement to Interview Date filter allows user to filter on set date range or custom
  • Analysis Options
    • Reformatted page layout for defining analysis options
    • Added ability to add custom attributes
    • Added ability to add aspects which can be assigned on to insights (Aspects are sub-attributes)
  • Buyer Analysis
    • Updated buyer analysis to accommodate aspects
    • Added ability to hide insights from the dashboard from all users except for administrators
  • Research/Sample
    • Optimized performance on import
    • Added contact history pop up 
    • Updated last activity column filtering
    • Added last activity date column
  • Research/Schedule
    • Added contact history pop up
    • Updates to quick filter toggles
    • Updates Web Only grid
  • Tokens
    • New 'Signature' token for system emails
  • Interview Builder
    • Added interface to add force order or force display properties on the answer level
    • Added foreign language support to the criteria choices page
    • Updated logic to show new outlines by default in Scheduling
    • Added Definition column to Vendor Choices page
    • Update vendor choices page to show all questions with a vendor category assigned



  • Questions and Answers
    • Search in question control was searching on text instead of label
  • Interview Builder
    • Changing expiration date on generic link wasn't working
    • Reordered scale options not retaining new position
  • Survey
    • With two required questions on one page, there was an error if second question was answered first
    • In internal Sales Confidence links, active question label not shown in the Jump to ... control
    • In IE, sometimes criteria were duplicated for ranking questions (NOTE: Front end issue only - data was not duplicated)
  • Research/Buyer Analysis
    • Various fixes to annotation formatting



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