TruVoice Release on December 18, 2017

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  • Dashboard
    • Updated insights panels throughout dashboard to include sub-attributes ("Aspects") and more opportunity details
    • Questions and Answers: Added export functionality for open ended questions
  • Data Export (Beta)
    • Added Aspects to the Insights export
    • Added a column with quantitative evidence for insights to the Insights export 
      • NOTE: This information will be included in the export for all interviews published today and going forward. For interviews that are already published, evidence wont' be included unless it is requested
  • Research/Analyze
    • Aspect definitions added
    • UI modification for Aspect control
    • Enabled re-sending of publish notification
    • Added a view to access published interviews by program
    • Added an option to update interview calculations without republishing the profile (called Update published interview)
  • Interview Builder
    • Added the option to update a vendor name for both new and existing interviews through interview builder
  • Survey
    • Updated survey logic so that the link opens to the first unanswered question


  • Dashboard
    • Competitive Position: For one program, a competitor was missing from the control
    • Competitive Position: Filtering the insights panel by category was causing an error
    • Help text was failing in several dashboard locations
    • Export option was not showing for an interview
    • For some insights, supporting evidence was not showing in the Analysis tab of the published interview
    • Minor UX fixes (scrolling navigation panel, highlighting prior to executing search in Insights feed)
  • Research/Analyze
    • Insights could be saved without an attribute
  • Survey
    • Survey responses for some interviews were not writing back to TruVoice
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